As we humans evolving our problems also increase in which some are affecting our mental health while others physically. In today’s world one the big problem is stress which happening with almost every age group, to prevent this problem stress management is one and foremost way to do. Stress is happening with every age group of people. Here is the table of age group:

Age group The scale of stress(1-10)
(18-33) age
(67-and older)age

What is stress?

A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. Stress is an emotion/feeling which is common to everyone. It may come from any reason which leads to frustration, headaches, pain, or nervousness.

Reason for being stressed:-

  1. Loss of a job.
  2. Death of a loved one.
  3. Financial crises.
  4. Anxiety, Depression, or any other factor.
  5. Self-failure.
  6. There can be any internal or external factors that can cause stress.

” The most powerful weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. Train your mind to see the good in this day.” – MARCAN DANGEL

Stress management

What is stress management?

Stress management is a bunch of multiple techniques and procedures to control stress which includes being relaxed and healthy. It helps to improve the ability to cope with stress.

How to defuse stress?

Breathing, stretching, massage, and more:

  • Breathing:- Taking breathing is helps you to relax the body and give mental peace, decrease stress, relieve pain improves immunity, and increase energy. It increases the blood cells and releases the endorphins in the mind which refreshes the body.
  • Stretching and exercise:- It releases the tension, improves the posture of the body, and increases flexibility, nutrient flow.
  • Massage:- Reduced muscle tension, increase mobility and flexibility, reduction of stress hormones.

Manage your time, priorities, delegating, and conquering procrastination:

  • Time management enables the importance of tasks and activities to spend time on work. Time management gives a mindset to do work efficiently.
  • Priorities to the work, activities, and persons which are important to your life. Say no to the work which stresses your mind, avoid negative people who demotivate you.
  • Delegating:- By delegating some authority of work which helps to reduce the stress. The delegation process can also be used by professionals business leaders to divide the authority of work.
  • Conquering procrastination:- Firstly, create a routine to make sure it’s realistic. Secondly, prevent distractions, then divide the workload by prioritizing them.

Eating, exercising, and proper sleep:

  • Eating:- It’s an important aspect of life, nowadays a proper healthy diet is necessary to be fit and mentally strong. Focus on an improper diet take healthy food that gives you energy all day. Eat fruits, vegetables, drink more water a day.
  • Exercising:- Exercise with taking proper diet will help you to generate energy and maintain your fitness. And there are more benefits of doing exercise like keeps your mind refresh and scientific benefits are good for the respiratory system, delivers oxygen and nutrients, etc.
  • Sleep:- Sleep is a natural state of the body that is not in a position to make activities or movements. To start a proper day with a fresh mindset you need at least 8 hours of sleep in a single day.

Positive thinking

We all have the ability or habit of thinking, to reduce stress first, focus on your way of thinking change if it’s a cause of stress. By changing this habit it challenges negative thinking.

It might seem impossible to change a regular thinking habit but it can be possible only by practice and focus.

Turn-down interpersonal stress

Lots of people have stressed by their relationship whether they are family members, bosses in the workplace, or friends. Avoid people who have negative behavior towards you. There one more way is to interact with those people who make you feel happy and less stressed.

Clearing the cluttering from your life

  • Start preparing the schedule of daily work.
  • Follow the routine daily.
  • Take a balanced/healthy diet.
  • Avoid unnecessary things that give you stress.
  • Stay positive.
  • Try to participate in the family or friends gathering.
  • Busy yourself in physical activity.
  • Do some refreshing activities.

Self-relaxation techniques

  • Meditation
  • Yoga, exercises, and physical activity
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Alleviate anger and aggression
  • Improvise focus and concentration
  • Try to avoid stressful activities
  • Control emotions in hard situations

Does stress management is necessary?

Well yes, it is necessary to do stress management. A small amount of stress can boost the efficiency of work. While a higher amount of stress with having no boundaries to stop can cause many problems in your life. That I previously talked about in the beginning. Minor stress can be able to improve focus, activity, and energetic ability. However people are so engaged in their work, studies, and professional life that they can’t even focus on basic things which leads to an imbalance in life. To cope with stress immediately in a moment will help you a lot instead of ignoring it which also distracts you with other things.

Effective stress management can also motivate and boosts the morale to be more focused on your work and family and make you feel happy even in a hard time. This technique requires time investment and foremost important it gives you control to manage things according to yourself.

For instance, suppose you are in a car without your control and the car is running by its self. Similarly, your life is like a car and should have control over it not just letting things going on by yourself.


Life is more than our imagination and to live in addition to managing and balanced it. Because of fast living life, people are unable to manage multiple works with the home. Start in the initial stage will save your time, relationships, and health. Don’t use alcohol to reduce stress. It gives you temporary satisfaction, not a permanent solution to the problem. If you have a failure to follow stress management and you are not able to control it, then get concerned with any professional advisor that would be more beneficial for you.


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