As we all are busy managing our professional life but in this daily cycle we forget about personal development plan, which is also another aspect of life. To manage our professions with personal life is very difficult because you cannot just focus on both at the same time. Above all, one work can be done at once.

That’s why we all need some of the time out of our life to balance both aspects. Similarly, to manage personal development you need some planning(i.e. personal development planning) with a break from the rest of other things in your life.

In the first year of my college life, I stop following my schedule. After that, it starts impacting my study, and everything. After I realized that I’d take a break for a while to start with a new personal development process.

Importance of personal development plan

  1. A personal development plan lets you know about your capabilities and strengths.
  2. You also get to learn about time management.
  3. It shows you that where you stand on.
  4. It enhances your skills by adding some value to them.


Stairs towards making of the personal

development plan

Stair 1: Decide your goals.

Before making any type of plan you have to decide for what reason you are making this plan. Write it down carefully… so you can always remember in the mind when you work on it. Then plan your first step where to start. keep working on it to never stop till you achieve your target.

Let’s take an example:

Suppose you are a student and having six subject homework to do. You can’t just start doing all subjects together. The first thing, you will do is deciding which subject would you choose then start planning how to do that.

Stair 2: Distribute time to achieve goals.

Distribution of time is necessary to perform any task.

  • Well, planned time distribution allows you to achieve more in less time.
  • You also get free time to do other things as well.
  • However, it reduces your stress and helps to focus on one thing specifically.
  • Every specialty of time management also impacts another aspect of life.

Stair 3: Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

1. What you can learn fast?
2. Your qualifications may become your greatest strengths.
3. From where do you get help.Ex: Friends, teachers, or mentors.
4. What values do you believe in that others used to fial?

1. Moving fast towards any work without knowing about it.
2. Taking multiple works together causes an impact on quality.
3. Not getting control of your anxiety or nervousness.
4. What work do you usually avoid because of a lack of confidence?

1. Learn new skills that can get you to better future opportunities.
2. Participate in events from your professions may lead to a better future.
1. Not learning new things in your professions may cause a backlash.
2. Which skills are preventing problems for you?
Speaking yourself is the most powerful way to create yourself…!& analyze your swot!
– by YQ Nithu.

Benefits of SWOT analyses

  • SWOT analyses show where you currently standing on behalf of your skills.
  • It enables how much you are capable to achieve your goals.
  • This will make up your personality to live better.
  • Helps you to be better than your competitors.
  • It encourages your strengths and reduces weaknesses.
  • It increases opportunities in the future and decreases threats.

Stair 4: Use your support network.

A support network can be anyone in your life. Therefore, search around yourself you may people that you needed. Well, who are those people they may be your friends, colleagues, family member, or any teacher? First, make a list of those people then start looking at how they can help you and in which need of yours that they can fulfill.

Take a meet with them and talk about yourself and your career or profession where do you belong. Tell them your goals that you decided, ask them their support as a mentor. That’s how you can make a support network to use for achieving goals.

Stair 5: Measure your progress.

Last but not least, In the end, you have to measure how much you grow and succeed in your planning. Compare your results before and after making a personal development plan. By measuring the progress, you have peace in mind that you followed the right path.

It helps you to know where you have struggled more and your weakened part. And spot your weaknesses as well. That gives you the motivation to do more hard work. However, it assists you to improve your personal development plan even more than before.


In conclusion, I hope you get something to learn from this and try to make your own personal development plan.

This plan could lead to your goals. This type of plan usually makes a road map to move towards the target. Because of the personal development plan, you have a focused vision on your goals and helps to improve a scheduled life.

It boosts the career to grab the opportunity with strengths and reduces the weaknesses and threats. And it gives them the confidence to keep doing it.


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