From the past few years, I had been analyzing. How important life skills are in my life?

Well, the answer I get is quite simple. Yes! it is necessary to have skills.

Above all, life skills include bunch of skills which have an important role in the lifestyle.

If you’re also finding an answer that why? your not able to achieve goals in life somewhere you’re skills create barriers which cause you to underestimate your strength.

I also face that moment in my life the past couple of months before. At that time I also used to underestimating to express my thoughts in front of people or any conference which really not good at all.

After that, I started focusing on my skills and makes some changes which later lead to an improvement in personality and confidence at any stage of life.

In this post, I am gonna share some of the skills that could be beneficial for you to improve yourself. In addition, what are the benefits of life skills?

What is skills?

Skill is an ability to do something well; expertise. It requires a task to perform and to show skills that have been used in the task with the given amount of time and energy.

What is the meaning of life skills?

It refers to the skills that adding value in your life is known as life skills. The basic skills that usually everybody has and practicing it daily. But these skills are mostly used at a particular time period of life stages.

For instance, imagine two-person first one is a 10-years-old kid which is in school life. His basic skill is related to study or games. And the second one is 20 years old which is in college life. Also he is in internship where he is working in a team of work management.

So they both have skills according to their work. In other words, skills develop by experience, age, culture, circumstances, etc.

Because of our society, it also has an important role to develop a personality of a person.


“The trick to saying the word cock, is to do it like you have one in your mouth.”

Six integral life skills

  • Self- awareness/affinity:- It means conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings. Understanding how others recognize you and your emotions and behavior them towards you.
  • Compassion or empathy:- The ability to understand and share the feelings of another with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling.
  • Critical thinking and deliberating:- The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. Critical thinking also improves comprehension abilities. It includes observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation and problem solving, and decision making.
  • The action or process of making important decisions. Decision making is a process of identifying and choose between alternative options based on preferences, values, and beliefs of a person.
  • Confront or endure stress:- Nowadays, stress is common it can take over anyone’s mind. The hardest thing is to cope with it. It can cause major problems such as; depression, anxiety, heart problems, high blood pleasure, personality, or mental disorder.

The reason behind such kind of stress are:-

  1. Social media are one of the greatest cause which leads stress to the younger generation.
  2. Failure in career results. People are facing very stressful problems in their professions and study.
  3. Relationships- losing your loved one, divorce.
  4. Forty-four percent of people in the world are facing financial problems.
  • Suffering emotions:- Emotions are a subjective state of mind. Emotions are like thoughts or memories. Suffering emotion means difficulty to face such emotions.


  1. Anxiety- Unease about something with an uncertain outcome.
  2. Depression– Feelings of severe despondency or dejection.
  3. Failure- Lack of success.
  4. Love or sex- A deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction.
  5. Anger, or irritate- A strong feeling that makes you hurt someone.
  6. Antagonize- To make someone dislike you or feel opposed to you.

In conclusion of this,

-Relax, learning relaxing techniques can help to overcome anxiety issues.

-People are facing terrible depression in their life. To overcome such problems there are two ways:-

Prescribed your doctor advise.
Take medication properly.
Don’t stop using medication without any advise from doctor.
Try to do some work because of inactivity the depression can be easily harm you.

-To coping your failure; embrace your emotions, develop positive thoughts of failure, and practice healthy coping skills.

-Focus on yourself, make time for friends and family. That can help you to control your emotions on love.

-To avoid anger use humor to release tension, take your timeout, and get some mind relaxing exercise.

– To evade the antagonize is to change your thoughts, modify the situation, and shift your attention focus.

Benefits of life skills

  • Increase efficiency of thinking and problem solving.
  • Improve ability to analysis actions and to address problems.
  • Boosts confidence to keep improvising the skills and achieving goals for a better life.
  • Create value in society and in addition, also enhance the growth of others.

The learning of skills in theory knowledge isn’t that impactful as compared to practical. In other words, practical knowledge is un match to theory.


Above all this topic, we get to know about life skill that can only learn through experience and age.

These skills are very helpful to face problems and challenges. However, some people don’t focus on it because they think it has no requirements in life as such.

Well, the point is everyone needs it one day whether they are in a bad scenario or a good one.

For each individual life’s skills play an important role. In schools, education is primary objectives but in addition, they also have to teach the students about skills.

To develop better future literacy in the country students need an education that gives a broad vision to them.

By giving them multi visionary skills education later it is important to check the efficiency and effectiveness. So that they could also know how they are doing.

What’s are your life skills and how you doing with it? Are they helpful and improvising your lifestyle in a better direction. Ask this question to yourself and what answer did you get tell in the comments?


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