Anger is an emotion of human beings. It can happen with anyone its a common to everyone. However, some people think that males are angrier than females, which is not true. Anger does not upon gender. Everyone knows that anger is not good. While it depends on you how to use it in a better way to energizes you, improves your communication, promotes self-esteem, and defend you against fear and insecurity.

Vexation is good until you go on the wrong path like; domestic violence, property damage, drug addiction, etc. It is only a problem when you openly express it people who can’t control anger start to exclaim to grab attention. It also affects the increasing age, the older you get, the more irritable you become. Well with an increase in age you have to improve and get control over negative emotions.

Definition of Anger?

Anger is an emotional response that you consciously feel. At its core, anger is an internal awareness of arousal, accompanied by specific thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Symptoms of Anger:

  • Goosebumps on the back hair of the neck.
  • Increase in blood pressure.
  • Sugar levels.
  • Your heart rate.
  • Respiration rate.
  • Your gut.
  • Finger shaking.

Do you have an aggressive personality?

  1. Competitive – Having a strong desire to more successful than others. It is good to have such aggression in your work or desire to complete it.
  2. Dominate – Have a commanding position over; overlook.
  3. Impatient – having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked.
  4. Intense – It means showing strong feelings and opinions; extremely earnest or serious.
  5. Demanding – Demanded of others to be more hardworking and not easily get satisfied.
  6. Confrontational – Tend to deal with situations in an aggressive way, or to be argumentive.
  7. Forceful in pursuing goals.

These are the types of aggressive personalities that create such barriers to lack in communication with others because they do not want to communicate with any aggressive person. Better is to take things easy so that others can also participate.

Understanding the role of emotions in your life.

Emotions are subjective states of mind associated with thoughts, feelings and behavioral responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure. Emotions can be change any second you cannot fully control them. Know yourself what kind of person you are because it is easier to control situations.

When is Anger a problem?

Nowadays, lots of people are facing different types of emotional problems. In addition, these problems creating barriers to their work and relationships. Creating conflicts in their life which leads to depression, anxiety, and many other problems.

When this all happens you may get affected very badly or mentally disturbed. After the consequences are you may try to harm any other person, damages property, or any assets. 90% chances that you get calm for instance by doing this type of activity but it will be disturbed more you later.

What Causes Anger?

It is an emotional reaction to the unwanted and often unexpected behavior of others. It develops on the basis of a sensed threat to one’s physical well-being, property, personal image, sense of fairness, or reasonable desire for comfort. How people communicate anger depends on where they are, and on whether expressing anger has worked for them in the past.

The habit of learning – This habit includes two types of behavior are;

Reinforcements the process of encouraging or establishing a belief or pattern of behavior. In other words, it is a way to increase a behavior. Positive reinforcement is the better way to teach someone a lesson. For example, a parent gives a reward to his child is an example of positive reinforcement. On the other hand, negative reinforcements are used to increase behavior by removing such tensions. For example, a boss used this technique on his employee to get the work done.

Punishment is a penalty inflicted as retribution for an offense. It also has positive and negative aspects of punishment; positive punishment is adding an unpleasant behavior. For example, a teacher stops children to not enter class just because he’s not good at studies, which is decreasing the behavior. While negative punishment is removing the desired behavior. For example, parents take away a child’s favorite thing because not keeping the room clean is negative punishment.

Learning from others, usually, we all had this habit from childhood to learn from others. We see what others doing on something and also focuses on their reaction that how they behave in multiple situations. It is habitable for every living thing, even animals also used to do this.

  • Thinking – The most common thing which triggers anger is thinking of what people think about you or say. Learn to develop your behavior and improve the thinking level and stay positive towards everyone.
  • Human nature – Old human nature also identified from the ancient time which describes anger is not a new thing in this world.

How intense is your anger?

It is not easy to measure how to intensify your anger is to measure its density, firstly, you need to know whether your innie or outie.

Innie: These types of people usually not show their emotions openly to everyone. People who talk to themselves in words that they cannot share with others. They get trigger maybe by seeing old images in which something bad happened.

Outie: The person who can’t control their anger start squeaking to grab the attention of others to show how are they feeling. These people know that they can’t control their anger so they have a pattern of expressions that can help them to find a way to get rid of it. Whenever they shout they generate bodily sensations that hardly impact their body.

Are you looking at life the wrong way?

Sometimes we choose the wrong way to fix the problem. Considering the wrong way is not a good idea to deal with your problems.

Give yourself enough time to respond appropriately. Time is the most important key to success, more the time efficiency of work increases. Taking time to manage your reaction to anger to calm yourself down.

Ask yourself the critical questions:

  • What’s the reason behind your anger?
  • Why are you reacting?
  • Why are you wasting your energy?

Respond instead of reacting: Nobody cares what you’re saying when you feel annoyed. Take a smart move to respond back properly, that also benefits you to attract others towards you rather than you just shouting at others which they try to ignore or avoid you.

Taking the wrong kinds of drugs.

Because of increasing tension out of control, they start consuming drugs:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Nicotine
  • Tranquilizers (such as valium)
  • Cocaine
  • Chemical inhalants
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Hypnotics
  • Sedatives

Medicines (drugs) should be taken under doctor supervision in extreme cases. Do not try to consume by yourself it could harm badly to your body. And try to avoid such a bad drug which just gives you satisfaction for a moment but later it causes many diseases.

Staying in a good mood.

No matter how negative others get you always try to be good for everyone. There are many ways to find yourself better. Take proper sleep, exercise daily, eat healthy, spread love these are the basic steps of life to be in a good mood. Learn from the past, analysis of what mistakes you’ve done in the past improve theirs.

Meet with people tell them about yourself and be kind. Ask their problems if you can do some help.

“Speak when you are angry and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.” By Ambrose Bierce


Anger is an efficient way to get your work or task done. But when it crosses its limit that leads to conflicts only. For a better understanding of this, you need to express it effectively. Make your anger to educate, inform, share to fulfill that part which is hurt or sad, frustrated, insecure, and feels attacked. Share your feelings with others will release your tension and maintain peace in life.

Anger results from human conflict- Aches, and pains can also be a cause of stress. It is all about getting assert authority or independence, revenge, and lettings off-stream over accumulated frustrations. You cannot control it from one day of practice, it is a time-consuming process you have to devote time to handle.

Practice controlling your emotions to do not get easily trigger, otherwise, people take advantage of yours. Don’t lose temper when someone criticizes you, understand what they’re saying. Always be kind, be happy!


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